Azle, Texas Annuities

Azle, Texas Annuities

Guaranteed Interest Rates:

2.50%  36 Month Contract

3.15%  60 Month Rate Guarantee     CD Alternative, Guaranteed Rates, Avoid Probate, Safe Money.

Interest accumulation is tax-deferred. You will not pay taxes on any interest until the funds are withdrawn.

Regardless of how the stock market performs your funds are safe and are not subject to market loss.

Annuities may be used to fund IRA;s , SEP's, and 401 K Rollovers.

Avoid Probate. Full payment upon death. Liquidity options included.

Excellent alternative to Certificate of Deposit Funds.


You should consider annuities when developing your long term financial plan. Annuities give your the opportunity for lifetime payments and tax-deferred earnings. Our advisors at Hogle Insurance Group can assist you in mapping our your retirement strategy and how annuities can help your financial security.

Annuities Protection in Azle, Texas

Annuities can be classified in different ways and categories. Some of these ways include: the purpose of the annuity, pay-out, tax status, & how the premium is paid.

  • Fixed Annuities - This annuity is used for retirement or savings for long term investors that want to have the stability of a fixed interest rate with no risk that they'll every lose any of the principal. A fixed annuity will provide steady and guaranteed growth with the tax-deferred benefit.